CEO’s message

Dream with us

-a vision for the decade-

To achieve great things, we need not only to work, but also to dream, not only to plan, but also to believe. This thought leads us, in Yesari Group, to our goal – improving our environment using innovative technologies. After witnessing and taking part in major changes of the Bosnian market, and after surviving the early diseases and troubles of transitional markets, we decided to redefine our vision and mission. We believe it to be wise to determine our focus to be the improvement of the living standard of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina with creative, efficient, economical and rentable solutions by implementing the most advanced technologies on the local market and in the World.

We completely grasp the complex nature of our mission and accept the difficulties which will appear in the future – whether as skepticism or objective technological challenges in solving the greatest problems of our society.

Muhamed Ljevaković; Chairman & CEO