Company History

Yesari Group is a network of linked companies based originally in Sarajevo, but currently present over two continents, with offices in four countries, and activities in over twenty.

The oldest member company of the group was founded in 1988 with a team of young IT enthusiast who went on to create pioneering ERP solutions, networking solutions, banking, finance, retail and HR programs. This has set a tone of innovation and youthful vigor in all our companies and businesses.

In 1996, after the war in Bosnia, the group has spread out into import and export of food and food related merchandise, into hardware sales, printing and publishing old media, as well as engineering and construction.

In 2000 the group acquired a daily newspaper making it’s first jump into the media arena. Throughout this time the original IT Company transformed itself into a banking and ERP software giant spanning industries and regions.

In 2005 we entered the telecom back-end hardware and software market. In 2007 we moved into signaling and transportation systems as an agent for one of the leading global companies in the field, General Electric.

That was the year we started moving to Asia, namely Malaysia and started our daughter company there.

With new management taking over in 2008, a new approach to business has been adopted, by creating products for end-users and we started to move towards mobility, flexibility, bigger markets and new pastures.

By 2014 we have produced a number of great IT solutions for hardware and software, implemented projects with dozens of major clients and have reached millions with our mobile apps.

In 2016 we established Yesari Food doo for production and distribution of food and agricultural products.

In 2017 we added solar energy to our portfolio by establishing with partners Solar Park doo Sarajevo for production of solar energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2018 Yesari Food doo established its first retail food and spice store.