Sunna Design

A true public service of lighting

Using solar energy doesn’t mean it has to alter the quality of the public service of lighting as it is essential to security and economic activities.

Lighting studies. Sunna provides customized studies to help you design your specific lighting installation: choice of products. sizing, spacing,…

No blackout guarantee. Thanks to our innovative energy and battery management system, our solar streetlights just don’t go off at night. This special eletronic and software system has been patented.



To be relevant, solar streetlighting has to be durable.

No technical maintenance. No need to replace the battery, thanks to its 10 years lifespan, in order to control the total cost of ownership.

10 years lifespan of the whole system

Products built to resist extreme climate conditions. Nickel based batteries offer better heat tolerance than lead-acid batteries.


Ease of use

…pour vous faciliter la vie, tout au long du projet :

Storage and transport made easy: NiMH batteries are compact and non hazardous.

Simple and fast installation , thanks to the integrated design with no ground battery.

Theft proof, thanks to the all-in-one system, placed at the summit of the pole.



Sunna’s main focus has always been on environmental awareness. We use eco-design principles : Life cycle Analysis minimized; the reduced use of raw material; extended reliability for a longer life cycle; etc. Moreover, production and assembly are done in France.


Research & Development

To continually design and innovate tommorow’s solutions, Sunna has an ambitious R&D strategy. Several projects have been launched with well-known research groups and teams in the following fields : thermal management ; energy and battery management ; reliability management ; photonic and optic.